The world we live within is surrounded by different physical quantities such as temparature, weight, time, volume, speed, etc. After hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have developed different units to measure those quantities which are not consistent among different parts of the world. Take length measurement as an example. In France where SI units are adopted, the length is found to be expressed in meters, kilometers, and millimeters. In the USA, the United States Customary System is more common, so Americans talk about feet or miles when mentioning distance. To make things more complicated, in some countries like China, apart from the SI units, they have their own traditional units including hao (Chinese mile), chi (Chinese foot), zhang (Chinese yard), and they are all different from other measurement systems. For instance, 1 chi (Chinese foot) equals 33.33 centimeters and 13.12 inches. People in different parts of the world use different measurements, and even within the same measurement system, there are various subdivisions of units. However, a good judgment of the physical world should come from a system that we are familiar with, but memorizing all those units seems to be an impossible mission. Luckily, Calculatorful can make this mission possible. You only need to input the value of an exotic unit of measurement and convert it into any unit that you know well.


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