Centimeters to feet | how many centimeters in a foot?

Oct 6, 2022 1:13 PM

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    Need help with converting from centimeters to feet? We, the Calculatorful team, have created this article to provide fundamental knowledge about these two units of length and how to do the conversion yourself.

    How centimeter is defined?

    A centimeter (SI symbol cm) is a length unit in the International System of Units (SI) equal to one hundredth of a meter, with centi being the SI prefix denoting a factor of 1100. In the now-deprecated centimeter-gram-second (CGS) unit system, the centimeter was the base unit of length.

    Though scientists frequently prefer SI prefixes for factors of \(10^3\), such as milli- and kilo, for many physical quantities, the centimeter remains a practical unit of length for many common measures. A centimeter is roughly the width of an average adult's fingernail.

    Where does foot originate from?

    Historically, the human body has served as the foundation for length units. An adult Caucasian male's foot is normally around 15.3% of his height, giving a 175 cm individual a foot-length of roughly 268 mm on average. 

    Archaeologists think that in the past, the cubit was favored by the people of Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia, while the foot was preferred by the people of Rome, Greece, and China. During the Bronze Age, Indus towns utilized a foot of 333.5 mm and a cubit of 528.3 mm according to Harappan linear measurements. The Egyptian counterpart of the foot, the djeser, was a measurement of four palms or 16 fingers that has been rebuilt to be around 30 cm.

    Centimeters to Feet - What is the procedure behind it?

    To convert, for example, 200 cm to feet, you can do in 3 steps:

    1. Take the value in cm, which is 200 in this case
    2. Divide it by 30.48, since there are 30.48 centimeters in one foot
    3. That’s it! The above division gives us the result in feet, which is 6.56168 feet.

    Cm to ft conversion table

    Table for reference of conversion between common cm to ft

    Centimeter [cm]

    Foot [ft]

    5 cm

    0.164 ft

    10 cm

    0.328 ft

    15 cm

    0.492 ft

    20 cm

    0.656 ft

    25 cm

    0.82 ft

    30 cm

    0.984 ft

    35 cm

    1.148 ft

    40 cm

    1.312 ft

    45 cm

    1.476 ft

    50 cm

    1.64 ft

    55 cm

    1.804 ft

    60 cm

    1.968 ft

    65 cm

    2.132 ft

    70 cm

    2.296 ft

    75 cm

    2.46 ft

    80 cm

    2.624 ft

    85 cm

    2.788 ft

    90 cm

    2.952 ft

    95 cm

    3.116 ft

    100 cm

    3.28 ft

    105 cm

    3.444 ft

    110 cm

    3.608 ft

    115 cm

    3.772 ft

    120 cm

    3.936 ft

    125 cm

    4.1 ft

    130 cm

    4.264 ft

    135 cm

    4.428 ft

    140 cm

    4.592 ft

    145 cm

    4.756 ft

    150 cm

    4.92 ft

    155 cm

    5.084 ft

    160 cm

    5.248 ft

    165 cm

    5.412 ft

    170 cm

    5.576 ft

    175 cm

    5.74 ft

    180 cm

    5.904 ft

    185 cm

    6.068 ft

    190 cm

    6.232 ft

    195 cm

    6.396 ft

    200 cm

    6.56 ft


    How do I convert 150 cm to feet?

    To convert 150 cm to feet:

    1. Take the number 150.
    2. Multiply it with 0.0328.
    3. The result is 4.92 feet.

    One foot is equal to exactly 30.48 centimeters, isn’t it?

    No, there are approximately 30.48 centimeters in one foot, not exactly. For everyday use, approximation is fine, but not applicable to a more precise application.


    Hope that after reading this article you have a rough idea about centimeter and foot; and how to convert from centimeters to feet. Feel free to use our Calculatorful's centimerters to feet tool to help you get the result faster and more accurate.


    Provide centimeters (cm) number to convert to foot (ft).


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