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Jan 29, 2023 8:51 AM

How many grams in a cup? How to convert cups to grams? Let's do the conversion with our cups to grams converter and explore more details in our article.

What is a gram?

Gram, also gramme, symbol “g”, is a unit of mass or weight in the metric system. Originally one gram was defined as equal to the mass of one cubic centimeter of pure water at 4 °C (39.2 °F) or a milliliter of pure water. Gram used to be a fundamental unit of mass together with centimeters and seconds. In 1960, kilogram officially replaced gram as a base unit, and gram is now defined as one thousandth (1/1000 of a kilogram). Gram, however, is still widely used to indicate the weight of ingredients in food or cooking recipes. It is even found on labels of products from the USA, where the imperial system is adopted. To make it easier to imagine how heavy a gram is, you can think of the weight of a paperclip.

What is a cup? 

A cup, or a measuring cup (abbreviated “c”), is a traditional measurement in the USA. A US customary cup (used in recipes) equals 8 US customary fluid ounces or 16 US customary tablespoons. To be exact, one cup equals 14.4375 cubic inches or approximately 236.6 milliliters. As specified in the law, the US “legal” cup is 240 milliliters and used in food labeling. Measuring cups are also used in some different countries but they may come in a little bit different sizes. In Canada, 1 traditional cup equals 8 imperial fluid ounces or 227.3045 ml, while in Britain, 1 conventional cup is 10 Imperial fluid ounces. Cooks in Australia use a cup of about  250 milliliters in their recipes. Feel free to see more cooking measurement conversion in Liters to gallon | Cups to grams

How many grams in a cup?

The answer depends on the ingredient. There are 125.16 g of all-purpose flour in a cup while there are 200 g of sugar in the same cup.

How to convert Cups to Grams

You are more familiar with grams, but the recipe is in cups. You find it hard to get a sense of how much flour you need to bake a pie apple. This cup-to-gram converter can help you. 

grams = cups × 236.588236 × material density


1 US legal cup =  240 ml 

1 US customary cup = 236.5882365 ml

1 UK, AU, NZ, CA, ZA metric cup = 250 mL

1 c = 236.58823648491 g

Density depends on the material of the ingredients. 

Thus, if the recipe reads 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour, and we know its density is 0.529 g/ml, we have:

1/3 x 236.588236 x 0.529 = 41.72 g

Cup to Gram Conversion Table

The table shows the measurement in grams of some common ingredients in many recipes converted from cups with the use of a US customary cup. 

Weight in Grams:

Volume in grams of:



Olive Oil

All Purpose Flour


1/8 c

29.57 g

30.46 g

27.15 g

15.64 g

25 g

1/4 c

59.15 g

60.92 g

54.30 g

31.29 g

50 g

1/3 c

78.86 g

81.23 g

72.40 g

41.72 g

66.67 g

1/2 c

118.29 g

121.84 g

108.59 g

62.58 g

100 g

2/3 c

157.73 g

162.46 g

144.79 g

83.44 g

133.33 g

3/4 c

177.44 g

182.76 g

162.89 g

93.87 g

150 g

1 c

236.59 g

243.69 g

217.19 g

125.16 g

200 g


How to convert cups to grams?

To convert cups to grams, we can multiply the value of weight in cups by 236.588236 and the density of the material as in the formula: grams = cups × 236.588236 × material density.

How many grams are in 1/4 cup?

This answer depends on the type of ingredient. Using Calculatorful, we can have the following results:

 1/4 c equals 59.15 g of water, 60.92 g of milk, 54.30 g of olive oil, 41.72 g of all-purpose flour, and 50 g of sugar.


In this article, the conversion tool on this page can let you know how many grams in a cup. Moreover, you can use Calculatorful to explore more about conversion and math. 



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