Fahrenheit to celsius (°f to °c) conversion

Oct 5, 2022 9:48 AM

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    This Fahrenheit to Celsius converter provides you with a free useful tool to convert Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees. If you don't know the formula to convert °F to °C, this is a great tool for you. All you need to input the value of the temperature in °F, and you can get the result right away.

    What is Temperature and its Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales?

    Temperature is a physical quantity that is highly related to all everyday activities. It tells us what kind of outfits we should put on before going out or whether or not we’re having a fever. In other words, temperature shows the coldness or hotness of matter, measured by a thermometer and expressed in some scales.

    The two most widely used scales found in daily life include the Fahrenheit (°F) temperature scale and the Celsius (°C) temperature scale.

    Fahrenheit to Celsius_ Calculatorful

    While the Fahrenheit temperature scale is mainly used in the United States and a few other English-speaking countries, the Celsius temperature scale is adopted in the rest of the world as well as in scientific fields. That’s why temperature conversion between the two scales is what many people often search for.

    What is the Fahrenheit Temperature Scale?

    The Fahrenheit temperature scale was proposed in 1724 and named after its inventor, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a Dutch-German-Polish physicist, who also invented the alcohol thermometer and the mercury thermometer. On the Fahrenheit temperature scale, water boils at 212° and freezes at 32°, giving an interval of 180 equal parts between the two points. If you have a fever, your body temperature may reach over 100°F since our average normal body temperature in °F is about 98°.

    What is the Celsius Temperature Scale?

    The Celsius temperature scale, part of the metric system or International System of Units, was invented in 1742 by Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer. It was formerly called centigrade originated from centum, i.e. 100, and gradus, i.e. steps, in Latin before it was renamed to Celsius to honor its inventor. The Celsius temperature scale is based on an interval of 100 degrees (that’s why it was so-called centigrade) with the boiling temperature of 100 °C and the freezing temperature of 0°C (at sea level). If the thermometer says 37°C, don’t worry. You don’t have any fever.

    How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?

    Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius_Calculatorful

    Let's start with a less complicated method. You know what it is! Using Calculatorful's °F to °C converter, you only need to input Fahrenheit temperature in the °F field and get your result in the °C fiend. 

    Another more complicated method is to use the below formula:


    For example, if the weather forecast says it’s now 90°F, but you can’t get hold of how it feels like 90°F because you are familiar with °C. The conversion is easy. You can simply use the calculator or do a manual calculation.


     You may also be interested in converting Celsius to Fahrenheit. Check out this Calculatorful's Celsius to Fahrenheit converter.

    Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion table

    Fahrenheit (°F)

    Celsius (°C)


    -10 °F

    -23.33 °C

    -10 °F to °C

    0 °F

    -17.78 °C

    0 °F to °C

    10 °F

    -12.22 °C

    10 °F to °C

    20 °F

    -6.67 °C

    20 °F to °C 

    30 °F

    -1.11 °C

    30 °F to °C 

    32 °F

    0 °C

    freezing/melting temperature of water

    40 °F

    4.44 °C

    40 °F to °C  

    50 °F

    10.00 °C

    50 °F to °C 

    60 °F

    15.56 °C

    60 °F to  °C 

    70 °F

    21.11 °C

    room temperature

    80 °F

    26.67 °C

    80 °F to °C 

    90 °F

    32.22 °C

    90 °F to °C 

    98.6 °F

    37 °C

    Average normal body temperature

    100 °F

    37.78 °C

    100 °F to °C 

    110 °F

    43.33 °C

    110 °F to °C

    120 °F

    48.89 °C

      120 °F to °C

    130 °F

    54.44 °C

    130 °F to °C

    140 °F

    60.00 °C

    140 °F to °C

    150 °F

    65.56 °C

    150 °F to °C

    160 °F

    71.11 °C

    160 °F to °C

    170 °F

    76.67 °C

    170 °F to °C

    180 °F

    82.22 °C

    180 °F to °C

    190 °F

    87.78 °C

    190 °F to °C

    200 °F

    93.33 °C

    200 °F to °C

    212 °F

    100 °C

    Boiling temperature of water


    Which countries use Fahrenheit?

    Nowadays, the Fahrenheit temperature scale is mostly used in the USA and a few English-speaking countries.

    Where is Celsius used?

    Compared to the Fahrenheit temperature scale, the Celsius scale is more widely used in sciences and all most all countries in the world except the USA and some English-speaking countries

    What Fahrenheit does water boil?

    On the Fahrenheit temperature scale, water boils at 212 °F.

    At what Fahrenheit is fever?

    You have a fever if your ear temperature is above 100°F.

    Does the USA use Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    Fahrenheit is widely used in the USA.


    The article has answered the question of how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius both with a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter on Calculatorful and manual conversion. More importantly, it provides with some interesting facts about the two temperature scales. 


    Provide Fahrenheit (°F) number to convert to Celsius (°C).


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