Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of calculators can I find on Calculatorful?

A: Our goal is to build an omnipotent platform with thousands of calculators and converters which answer every calculation need of people in real life. Of course, our team is working hard to deliver more calculators and improve our service everyday.

Q: How can I find calculators or converters on Calculatorful?

A: You can easily search your calculator or converter via our search box on the home page. You can also navigate to the categories in order to find all related calculators.

Q: How accurate are the calculations done on Calculatorful?

A: Our team of experts in math and academics are working hard to provide the best accuracy of the result for every calculator. However, if there is any human error, we appreciate and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Q: Is there a way for me to share the result with other people?

A: Yes, on each calculator when the result is calculated, you see a visible button „Share this result„. By clicking on that button, you can share the result via different social networks such as facebook, twitter and others. You can also simply copy the link to the result and share it via any channel that you wish.

Q: Can I link calculators from to my website?

A: Yes, we invite you to link your website to ours as that proves your trust in our service and your appreciation of our hard work.

Q: How can I send feedback or suggestions to Calculatorful?

A: All your feedback and suggestions are welcome, we really appreciate them. We can be reached via „Contact us„.

Q: How can I advertise on

A: Unfortunately, we don‚t directly manage advertising on our platform. Please use Google Adwords or third party vendors for the advertising.



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