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Wondering how many pounds in a kilogram? How to convert from kg to lbs (kilograms to pounds)? It can be confusing. That's why we create this conversion tool, to help people deal with the complicated conversion unit!

Kilogram (kg) definition

The kilogram is a base unit of mass in the metric system or the International System of Units. The kilogram can be abbreviated as kg and sometimes can be shortened as “kilo” colloquially. As its prefix “kilo” indicates, 1 kilogram (or 1 kg) equals 1000 grams.

Kilogram history

Originally, in the late 18th century, 1 kilogram was defined as the weight of 1 cubic centimeter of water at 4 degrees Celsius. In 1879, it was redefined as exactly equal to the mass of a cylinder made of platinum and iridium, which was known as the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK) and kept by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Sèvres, France. However, the physical environment can impact the artifact and change its weight. In 1989, it was discovered that the cylinder was 50 micrograms lighter. To be independent of physical impacts, the kilogram was defined in terms of the Planck constant, which expresses the relationship between the energy of a photon and its frequency.

Kilogram current use

For a long time, the metric system is standard across Europe. Tell someone your weight in pounds in Germany or France and you will not be understood.

The only exception to this is the UK, where both the metric system and imperial measures are used. However, British people never express their weight in pounds when using imperial measures because they always use stones, a unit equivalent to fourteen pounds. Someone who weighs 148 pounds in the US would therefore weigh “about ten and half stone” in the UK, or “ten stone eight” if they are being precise.

Pound (lb) definition

Pound, or avoirdupois pound (standard symbols: lb), is a unit of mass or weight in the UK imperial systems or the US customary systems of measurement. One pound equals 0.45359237 kilograms as legally defined in the international avoirdupois system or 16 avoirdupois ounces. 

Pound history

Historically, the term “pound” is derived from the Roman expression libra pondo, in which pondo means weight and libra (scale or balance) is a mass unit used in ancient Rome. That’s why the pound is abbreviated as lb.

Pound current use

The U.S. is really the only industrialized nation that officially uses pounds today, most other industrialized nations have metricated and switched over to kilograms.

Other countries which partially (but do not officially) use pounds include: Liberia, Burma, Canada, United Kingdom (partially), Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Samoa, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jamaica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Macau.

And of course, many other Commonwealth nations which previously used Imperial Units (e.g. New Zealand and Australia) still informally will measure in pounds, especially for baby weight.

Relationship between kg to lbs (kilograms to pounds)

Kilogram and pound are two different measurement units. They are used for different purposes but also share a relationship with one another. This relationship is a bit complex to understand. Therefore, for convenience, we’ve listed their relationship below: 

1 kg = 2.2046226218 lbs

1lb = 0.45359237 kg

Keeping in mind these values to convert kilograms and pounds with ease.

Difference between kilograms and pounds (kg & lbs)

Now you know about the relationship between kilograms and pounds, kg and lbs share many things in common. But, they also have differences, let's explore in the table below:

Criteria to compare




A kilogram is a metric unit of measurement.

A pound is an imperial unit of mass or weight measurement.





1 kg = 2.2046226218 lbs

1lb = 0.45359237 kg


Kilo is widely used in most countries

A pound is utilized in countries like the U.S and the UK

Kilograms to Pounds (Kg To Lbs) Conversion Chart

Now you know what's the formula to convert kg to lbs, let's go through the list of most common kilograms to pounds conversions

Kilograms (kg)≈Pounds (lbs)Kilograms (kg) to ≈Pounds (lbs)
1 kg2.205 lbs1 kg is equal to 2.205 lbs
2 kg4.41 lbs2 kg is equal to 4.41 lbs
3 kg6.615 lbs3 kg is equal to 6.615 lbs
4 kg8.82 lbs4 kg is equal to 8.82 lbs
5 kg11.025 lbs5 kg is equal to 11.025 lbs
6 kg13.23 lbs6 kg is equal to 13.23 lbs
7 kg15.435 lbs7 kg is equal to 15.435 lbs
8 kg17.64 lbs8 kg is equal to 17.64 lbs
9 kg19.845 lbs9 kg is equal to 19.845 lbs
10 kg22.05 lbs10 kg is equal to 22.05 lbs
11 kg24.255 lbs11 kg is equal to 24.255 lbs
12 kg26.46 lbs12 kg is equal to 26.46 lbs
13 kg28.665 lbs13 kg is equal to 28.665 lbs
14 kg30.87 lbs14 kg is equal to 30.87 lbs
15 kg33.075 lbs15 kg is equal to 33.075 lbs
16 kg35.28 lbs16 kg is equal to 35.28 lbs
17 kg37.485 lbs17 kg is equal to 37.485 lbs
18 kg39.69 lbs18 kg is equal to 39.69 lbs
19 kg41.895 lbs19 kg is equal to 41.895 lbs
20 kg44.1 lbs20 kg is equal to 44.1 lbs
21 kg46.305 lbs21 kg is equal to 46.305 lbs
22 kg48.51 lbs22 kg is equal to 48.51 lbs
23 kg50.715 lbs23 kg is equal to 50.715 lbs
24 kg52.92 lbs24 kg is equal to 52.92 lbs
25 kg55.125 lbs25 kg is equal to 55.125 lbs
26 kg57.33 lbs26 kg is equal to 57.33 lbs
27 kg59.535 lbs27 kg is equal to 59.535 lbs
28 kg61.74 lbs28 kg is equal to 61.74 lbs
29 kg63.945 lbs29 kg is equal to 63.945 lbs
30 kg66.15 lbs30 kg is equal to 66.15 lbs
31 kg68.355 lbs31 kg is equal to 68.355 lbs
32 kg70.56 lbs32 kg is equal to 70.56 lbs
33 kg72.765 lbs33 kg is equal to 72.765 lbs
34 kg74.97 lbs34 kg is equal to 74.97 lbs
35 kg77.175 lbs35 kg is equal to 77.175 lbs
36 kg79.38 lbs36 kg is equal to 79.38 lbs
37 kg81.585 lbs37 kg is equal to 81.585 lbs
38 kg83.79 lbs38 kg is equal to 83.79 lbs
39 kg85.995 lbs39 kg is equal to 85.995 lbs
40 kg88.2 lbs40 kg is equal to 88.2 lbs
41 kg90.405 lbs41 kg is equal to 90.405 lbs
42 kg92.61 lbs42 kg is equal to 92.61 lbs
43 kg94.815 lbs43 kg is equal to 94.815 lbs
44 kg97.02 lbs44 kg is equal to 97.02 lbs
45 kg99.225 lbs45 kg is equal to 99.225 lbs
46 kg101.43 lbs46 kg is equal to 101.43 lbs
47 kg103.635 lbs47 kg is equal to 103.635 lbs
48 kg105.84 lbs48 kg is equal to 105.84 lbs
49 kg108.045 lbs49 kg is equal to 108.045 lbs
50 kg110.25 lbs50 kg is equal to 110.25 lbs
51 kg112.455 lbs51 kg is equal to 112.455 lbs
52 kg114.66 lbs52 kg is equal to 114.66 lbs
53 kg116.865 lbs53 kg is equal to 116.865 lbs
54 kg119.07 lbs54 kg is equal to 119.07 lbs
55 kg121.275 lbs55 kg is equal to 121.275 lbs
56 kg123.48 lbs56 kg is equal to 123.48 lbs
57 kg125.685 lbs57 kg is equal to 125.685 lbs
58 kg127.89 lbs58 kg is equal to 127.89 lbs
59 kg130.095 lbs59 kg is equal to 130.095 lbs
60 kg132.3 lbs60 kg is equal to 132.3 lbs
61 kg134.505 lbs61 kg is equal to 134.505 lbs
62 kg136.71 lbs62 kg is equal to 136.71 lbs
63 kg138.915 lbs63 kg is equal to 138.915 lbs
64 kg141.12 lbs64 kg is equal to 141.12 lbs
65 kg143.325 lbs65 kg is equal to 143.325 lbs
66 kg145.53 lbs66 kg is equal to 145.53 lbs
67 kg147.735 lbs67 kg is equal to 147.735 lbs
68 kg149.94 lbs68 kg is equal to 149.94 lbs
69 kg152.145 lbs69 kg is equal to 152.145 lbs
70 kg154.35 lbs70 kg is equal to 154.35 lbs
71 kg156.555 lbs71 kg is equal to 156.555 lbs
72 kg158.76 lbs72 kg is equal to 158.76 lbs
73 kg160.965 lbs73 kg is equal to 160.965 lbs
74 kg163.17 lbs74 kg is equal to 163.17 lbs
75 kg165.375 lbs75 kg is equal to 165.375 lbs
76 kg167.58 lbs76 kg is equal to 167.58 lbs
77 kg169.785 lbs77 kg is equal to 169.785 lbs
78 kg171.99 lbs78 kg is equal to 171.99 lbs
79 kg174.195 lbs79 kg is equal to 174.195 lbs
80 kg176.4 lbs80 kg is equal to 176.4 lbs
81 kg178.605 lbs81 kg is equal to 178.605 lbs
82 kg180.81 lbs82 kg is equal to 180.81 lbs
83 kg183.015 lbs83 kg is equal to 183.015 lbs
84 kg185.22 lbs84 kg is equal to 185.22 lbs
85 kg187.425 lbs85 kg is equal to 187.425 lbs
86 kg189.63 lbs86 kg is equal to 189.63 lbs
87 kg191.835 lbs87 kg is equal to 191.835 lbs
88 kg194.04 lbs88 kg is equal to 194.04 lbs
89 kg196.245 lbs89 kg is equal to 196.245 lbs
90 kg198.45 lbs90 kg is equal to 198.45 lbs
91 kg200.655 lbs91 kg is equal to 200.655 lbs
92 kg202.86 lbs92 kg is equal to 202.86 lbs
93 kg205.065 lbs93 kg is equal to 205.065 lbs
94 kg207.27 lbs94 kg is equal to 207.27 lbs
95 kg209.475 lbs95 kg is equal to 209.475 lbs
96 kg211.68 lbs96 kg is equal to 211.68 lbs
97 kg213.885 lbs97 kg is equal to 213.885 lbs
98 kg216.09 lbs98 kg is equal to 216.09 lbs
99 kg218.295 lbs99 kg is equal to 218.295 lbs
100 kg220.5 lbs100 kg is equal to 220.5 lbs

Converting Kg to Lbs with Formula and Examples

Converting kilograms to pounds is quite straightforward. 1 kilogram approximately equals 2.2 pounds, so to convert kilograms to pounds, you just multiply the mass value by 2.2.

Pounds = kilograms x 2.2

Let’s say, you find out that your foreign friend’s weight is 45 kg, which doesn’t make much sense to you. You can convert it into pounds.

45 x 2.2 = 99 pounds.

Now you can have some image of your friend’s figure. Now you know how to convert from kilograms to pounds, feel free to read more related infos in the Pounds To Kilograms | Ton to Pound

Example 1: Convert 60 Kilograms to Pounds?

Since 1 kg  = 2.2046226218 lbs

= 60 x 2.2046226218

= 132,277357308 lbs

Example 2: Convert 50 Kilograms to Pounds?

Since 1 kg  = 2.2046226218 lbs

= 50 x 2.2046226218

= 110.23113109 lbs

Example 3: Convert 20 Kilograms to Pounds?

Since 1 kg  = 2.2046226218 lbs

= 20 x 2.2046226218

= 44,092452436 lbs

Example 4: Convert 10 Kilograms to Pounds?

Since 1 kg  = 2.2046226218 lbs

= 20 x 2.2046226218

= 22,046226218 lbs

FAQ's about kg to lbs conversion

What is a kilogram defined as?

Before 2019, 1 kg equaled the weight of a platinum -  iridium cylinder called the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK). Since 2019, the kilogram has been defined in terms of the Planck constant

What is 1 kg to lbs?

1 kg = 2.2 lb (approximately)

What is a kilo made up of?

1 kilo = 1000 grams = 1 liter of water at 4 degrees Celsius.

What is my weight from kg to lbs?

Pounds = Kg x 2.2

What does kg mean in weight?

Kg is the unit symbol of the kilogram, a unit of weight in the metric system. 1 kg = 1000 g.

How much is 20 kg in lbs?

It is 44.093452 lbs.

How much is 10 kg in lbs?

It is 22.0462262 lbs.

How much is 8 kg in lbs?

It is 17,6369809744 lbs.

How much is 30 kg in lbs?

It is 66,138678654 lbs.


Both kg and lbs are so common in mass measuring. Each of them has significant meaning and is related to each other closely. We hope that you have learned more about these units & converting from kg to lbs and don’t forget to check out our other tools in Calculatorful.




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