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Km to miles converter is a conversion tool that helps you to convert kilometers to miles.  Both the kilometers and the miles are the units to measure length but in different measurement systems used in various countries, so this converter is especially helpful to those who aren't familiar with the kilometer, a metric unit of length. 

Kilometer (Kilometre) - Unit of distance measurement in many countries

The kilometer is a unit of length in the International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the metric system. As its prefix “kilo” indicates, one kilometer equals 1000 meters. The unit is abbreviated as km and with different accents of English, it can be spelled as “kilometer” (American English) or kilometre (British English). This unit of length is often used to show the distance between two places in many countries where the metric system is adopted. 

At the present, the unit is defined as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second.

Mile, is it used more widely than the kilometer?

The mile is a unit of distance in the US customary system or the Imperial system, equal to 1,760 yards or 1.6 kilometers. The mile can be abbreviated as "mi", "M", "ml", and "m". To avoid confusion with metric units of the meter (m) and millimeter (ml), “mi” is recommended. Together with kilometers, the mile is a common unit used to show the distances between places and it is widely used in English-speaking countries such as the USA

Originally, the term “mile” comes from a Roman word “mille passuum”, which means a thousand paces. However, with the development of length measurement, the mile we often mention today is the international mile or statute mile, which has been standardized to reach an agreement worldwide. 

How many kilometers in a mile?

One mile equals 1.609344 km. Hence, 1 km is equal to 0.621371 mi.

Relationship between kilometers to miles

In the metric system, a kilometer is a unit of distance, whereas a mile is a corresponding unit in the British imperial or US customary systems. These are the two most commonly used units of distance with international recognition, but the kilometer is used by more countries. Some countries that previously used the imperial system have now switched to the metric system but continue to use miles as a unit of distance. The United Kingdom is a good example. Because kilometers and miles are widely used units of distance, we must convert km to miles and vice versa on a regular basis. The relationship between km and miles can be simplified as follows:

1 kilometer equals 0.621371 mile 

1 mile equals 1.609344 km 

To reduce your memory load, you can remember that 1 km = 0.6 mi, and 1 mi = 1.6 km.

Differences between kilometers and miles

The similarities and differences between kilometers and miles can be summarized in the following table.





A kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system defined as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second.

A mile is a unit of distance in the US customary system or the Imperial system, equal to 1,760 yards or 1.6 kilometers.



mi, "M", "ml", and "m". Among them, mi is the most common. 


The kilometer is widely used in all countries adopting the metric system to describe distances except the UK.

The mile is mainly used in the USA, Liberia, Myanmar, and such countries like the UK which have switched to the metric but still keep miles to measure distances.


1 km = 1.609344 mi

1 mi = 0.621371

How to convert kilometers to miles (km to miles)

Since kilometers are used in many countries, Americans may need to convert them into miles, a more common unit of distance in the USA. 

To convert kilometers into miles, you multiply the distance value by 0.621371 because 1 km equals 0.621371 mi. The following is the formula:

miles = kilometers × 0.621371

However, the fastest way is to use a converter like this Calculatorful's kilometer to mile converter. The only step you need to do is to key the value in kilometers in the kilometer field and see the answer.

Example 1: Convert 50 km to miles

Applying the previously mentioned formula, miles = kilometers x 0.621371, we have:

Miles = 50 x 0.621371

= 31.06855 mi

Example 2: Convert 30 km to miles

Since miles = kilometers x 0.621371, we have:

Miles = 30 x 0.621371

= 18.64113 mi

So, 30 km is equal to 18.64113 mi

Example 3: Convert 70 km to miles

Applying the previously mentioned formula, miles = kilometers x 0.621371, we have:

Miles = 70 x 0.621371

= 43.49597 mi

Thus, 70 km is equivalent to 43.49597 mi

Km To Miles (Kilometers to Miles) Conversion Table

You be might curious about the most common km to miles that people search for, just go throught the list below

Kilometers (km)≈Miles (mi)Kilometers (km) to ≈Miles (mi)
10 km6.21371 miles10 km is equal to 6.21371 miles
20 km12.42742 miles20 km is equal to 12.42742 miles
30 km18.64113 miles30 km is equal to 18.64113 miles
40 km24.85484 miles40 km is equal to 24.85484 miles
50 km31.06855 miles50 km is equal to 31.06855 miles
60 km37.28226 miles60 km is equal to 37.28226 miles
70 km43.49597 miles70 km is equal to 43.49597 miles
80 km49.70968 miles80 km is equal to 49.70968 miles
90 km55.92339 miles90 km is equal to 55.92339 miles
100 km62.1371 miles100 km is equal to 62.1371 miles
110 km68.35081 miles110 km is equal to 68.35081 miles
120 km74.56452 miles120 km is equal to 74.56452 miles
130 km80.77823 miles130 km is equal to 80.77823 miles
140 km86.99194 miles140 km is equal to 86.99194 miles
150 km93.20565 miles150 km is equal to 93.20565 miles
160 km99.41936 miles160 km is equal to 99.41936 miles
170 km105.63307 miles170 km is equal to 105.63307 miles
180 km111.84678 miles180 km is equal to 111.84678 miles
190 km118.06049 miles190 km is equal to 118.06049 miles
200 km124.2742 miles200 km is equal to 124.2742 miles
210 km130.48791 miles210 km is equal to 130.48791 miles
220 km136.70162 miles220 km is equal to 136.70162 miles
230 km142.91533 miles230 km is equal to 142.91533 miles
240 km149.12904 miles240 km is equal to 149.12904 miles
250 km155.34275 miles250 km is equal to 155.34275 miles
260 km161.55646 miles260 km is equal to 161.55646 miles
270 km167.77017 miles270 km is equal to 167.77017 miles
280 km173.98388 miles280 km is equal to 173.98388 miles
290 km180.19759 miles290 km is equal to 180.19759 miles
300 km186.4113 miles300 km is equal to 186.4113 miles
310 km192.62501 miles310 km is equal to 192.62501 miles
320 km198.83872 miles320 km is equal to 198.83872 miles
330 km205.05243 miles330 km is equal to 205.05243 miles
340 km211.26614 miles340 km is equal to 211.26614 miles
350 km217.47985 miles350 km is equal to 217.47985 miles
360 km223.69356 miles360 km is equal to 223.69356 miles
370 km229.90727 miles370 km is equal to 229.90727 miles
380 km236.12098 miles380 km is equal to 236.12098 miles
390 km242.33469 miles390 km is equal to 242.33469 miles
400 km248.5484 miles400 km is equal to 248.5484 miles
410 km254.76211 miles410 km is equal to 254.76211 miles
420 km260.97582 miles420 km is equal to 260.97582 miles
430 km267.18953 miles430 km is equal to 267.18953 miles
440 km273.40324 miles440 km is equal to 273.40324 miles
450 km279.61695 miles450 km is equal to 279.61695 miles
460 km285.83066 miles460 km is equal to 285.83066 miles
470 km292.04437 miles470 km is equal to 292.04437 miles
480 km298.25808 miles480 km is equal to 298.25808 miles
490 km304.47179 miles490 km is equal to 304.47179 miles
500 km310.6855 miles500 km is equal to 310.6855 miles
510 km316.89921 miles510 km is equal to 316.89921 miles
520 km323.11292 miles520 km is equal to 323.11292 miles
530 km329.32663 miles530 km is equal to 329.32663 miles
540 km335.54034 miles540 km is equal to 335.54034 miles
550 km341.75405 miles550 km is equal to 341.75405 miles
560 km347.96776 miles560 km is equal to 347.96776 miles
570 km354.18147 miles570 km is equal to 354.18147 miles
580 km360.39518 miles580 km is equal to 360.39518 miles
590 km366.60889 miles590 km is equal to 366.60889 miles
600 km372.8226 miles600 km is equal to 372.8226 miles
610 km379.03631 miles610 km is equal to 379.03631 miles
620 km385.25002 miles620 km is equal to 385.25002 miles
630 km391.46373 miles630 km is equal to 391.46373 miles
640 km397.67744 miles640 km is equal to 397.67744 miles
650 km403.89115 miles650 km is equal to 403.89115 miles
660 km410.10486 miles660 km is equal to 410.10486 miles
670 km416.31857 miles670 km is equal to 416.31857 miles
680 km422.53228 miles680 km is equal to 422.53228 miles
690 km428.74599 miles690 km is equal to 428.74599 miles
700 km434.9597 miles700 km is equal to 434.9597 miles
710 km441.17341 miles710 km is equal to 441.17341 miles
720 km447.38712 miles720 km is equal to 447.38712 miles
730 km453.60083 miles730 km is equal to 453.60083 miles
740 km459.81454 miles740 km is equal to 459.81454 miles
750 km466.02825 miles750 km is equal to 466.02825 miles
760 km472.24196 miles760 km is equal to 472.24196 miles
770 km478.45567 miles770 km is equal to 478.45567 miles
780 km484.66938 miles780 km is equal to 484.66938 miles
790 km490.88309 miles790 km is equal to 490.88309 miles
800 km497.0968 miles800 km is equal to 497.0968 miles
810 km503.31051 miles810 km is equal to 503.31051 miles
820 km509.52422 miles820 km is equal to 509.52422 miles
830 km515.73793 miles830 km is equal to 515.73793 miles
840 km521.95164 miles840 km is equal to 521.95164 miles
850 km528.16535 miles850 km is equal to 528.16535 miles
860 km534.37906 miles860 km is equal to 534.37906 miles
870 km540.59277 miles870 km is equal to 540.59277 miles
880 km546.80648 miles880 km is equal to 546.80648 miles
890 km553.02019 miles890 km is equal to 553.02019 miles
900 km559.2339 miles900 km is equal to 559.2339 miles
910 km565.44761 miles910 km is equal to 565.44761 miles
920 km571.66132 miles920 km is equal to 571.66132 miles
930 km577.87503 miles930 km is equal to 577.87503 miles
940 km584.08874 miles940 km is equal to 584.08874 miles
950 km590.30245 miles950 km is equal to 590.30245 miles
960 km596.51616 miles960 km is equal to 596.51616 miles
970 km602.72987 miles970 km is equal to 602.72987 miles
980 km608.94358 miles980 km is equal to 608.94358 miles
990 km615.15729 miles990 km is equal to 615.15729 miles
1000 km621.371 miles1000 km is equal to 621.371 miles

FAQ's about km to miles conversion

Is 1 km the same as 1 mile?

No, 1 km equals 0.621371 mi

Which one is correct, kilometers or kilometres?

Both are correct. “Kilometer” is used in American English, while “kilometre” is spelled in British English.


In this article, we have shown you how to convert km to miles and how many miles in a kilometer. We also provide the tool for you to easily convert from convert km to mile which is very useful for length conversion. 




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