Liters To Quarts Conversion | How Many Quarts In A Liter?

Apr 2, 2023 1:30 AM

With Calculatorful's liter to quart converter, you'll calculate the answer within a second. Also, you can learn how to convert liters to quarts effortlessly.

What is quart? 

The quart is a unit of capacity, which is used in both the British Imperial and US Customary systems of measurement. For the British system, they use quart to measure both liquid and dry matter. While the US system has liquid quart and dry quart. These three kinds of quart are roughly equal to 1 liter. In this tool, we use the US quart for quart to liter conversion. Therefore, a quart is equal to approximately 0.94635 liters. Explore more quarts conversion in the Quarts to cups | Liters to quarts 

What is liter?

Liter or Litre is a metric unit used to measure the volume of many liquids. It is also used to measure non-liquid volumes such as trunks, microwaves, refrigerators,... A liter is equal to one cubic decimetre. The liter was defined as the volume of 1 kilogram of pure water at standard conditions. One liter is slightly larger than a US quart but less than an imperial quart or a US dry quart. 

How many quarts in a liter?

The answer for that how many quarts in a liter is simply based on what kind of quarts is used. As mentioned in the previous part, there are 3 kinds of quart: The imperial quart, the US liquid quart and the US dry quart. 

1 liter = 1.05669 US liquid quart 

1 liter = 0.908 US dry quart 

1 liter = 0.8798 imperial quart 

How to convert liters to quarts?

There are 1.0566 quarts in a liter. Therefore, when you need to convert liters to quarts, you need to multiply the number of liters by 1.0566. For example, to convert 5 liters to quarts, first, take the number of liters which is 5. Then, multiply it by 1.0566. The answer is that 5 liters equal 5.2834 quarts. By using our tool, you may easily find the answer, especially for conversion that requires high-accuracy. 

Quarts to liters conversion table

The following tables show some common conversions that people make when converting quarts to liters:



1 l

1.0566 qt 

2 l

2.1133 qt

3 l 

3.1700 qt 

4 l

4.2267 qt 

5 l

5.2834 qt

6 l

6.3401 qt 

7 l

7.3968 qt 

8 l

8.4535 qt 

9 l

9.5101 qt 

10 l

10.5668 qt

11 l

11.6235 qt

12 l

12.6802 qt

13 l

13.7369 qt

14 l

14.7936 qt

15 l

15.8503 qt


Which is bigger: 1 quart or 1 liter?

To compare these 2 units, we have to convert them to 1 measurement unit:

1 liter = 33.8 fluid ounces

1 quart = 32 fluid ounces

Therefore, 1 liter is bigger than 1 quart. If you want to know more about other measurement unit conversions, see the Quarts to ounces | Liters to ounces

How many quarts in 2 liters?

Since there are 1.0566 quarts in a liter, if you want to convert quarts to cups, you have to multiply the number of quarts by 1.0566 

2 liters = 2.1133 quarts


In this article, we provide you how to convert liters to quarts so that you can answer the question that how many quart in a liter effortlessly. This conversion tool is often needed in cooking and measuring food.




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