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How to convert miles to km? How many kilometers in a mile? This conversion tool will help you answer it. Check miles to kilometers conversion tool to find the answer. 

What is Mile?

The mile is a unit of distance in the US customary system or the Imperial system, equal to 1,760 yards or 1.6 kilometers. The mile can be abbreviated as "mi", "M", "ml", and "m". To avoid confusion with metric units of the meter (m) and millimeter (ml), “mi” is recommended. Together with kilometers, the mile is a common unit used to show the distances between places and it is widely used in English-speaking countries such as the USA. 

Originally, the term “mile” comes from a Roman word “mille passuum”, which means a thousand paces. However, with the development of length measurement, the mile we often mention today is the international mile or statute mile, which has been standardized to reach an agreement worldwide. 

What is kilometer (Kilometre)?

The kilometer is a unit of length in the International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the metric system. As its prefix “kilo” indicates, one kilometer equals 1000 meters. The unit is abbreviated as km and with different accents of English, it can be spelled as “kilometer” (American English) or kilometer (British English). This unit of length is often used to show the distance between two places in many countries where the metric system is adopted. 

At the present, the unit is defined as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second.

How many kilometers in a mile?

One mile equals 1.609344 km. How to convert a number of miles to km? Let do the conversion with our miles to km converter and explore steps to convert miles to kilometers below.

Relationship between kilometers to miles

In the metric system, a kilometer is a unit of distance, whereas a mile is a corresponding unit in the British imperial or US customary systems. These are the two most commonly used units of distance with international recognition, but the kilometer is used by more countries. Some countries that previously used the imperial system have now switched to the metric system but continue to use miles as a unit of distance. The United Kingdom is a good example. Because kilometers and miles are widely used units of distance, we must convert km to miles and vice versa on a regular basis. The relationship between km and miles can be simplified as follows:

1 kilometer equals 0.621371 mile 

1 mile equals 1.609344 km 

To reduce your memory load, you can remember that 1 km = 0.6 mi, and 1 mi = 1.6 km.

Differences between kilometers and miles

The similarities and differences between kilometers and miles can be summarized in the following table.





A kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system defined as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second.

A mile is a unit of distance in the US customary system or the Imperial system, equal to 1,760 yards or 1.6 kilometers.



mi, "M", "ml", and "m". Among them, mi is the most common. 


The kilometer is widely used in all countries adopting the metric system to describe distances except the UK.

The mile is mainly used in the USA, Liberia, Myanmar, and such countries like the UK which have switched to the metric but still keep miles to measure distances.


1 km = 1.609344 mi

1 mi = 0.621371

Converting Miles to Kilometers with formulas and examples

You work as a translator, and you find out that all distances in your document measured in miles, but that unit makes no sense to the audience of your translated document. Then, you have to convert all distances in miles to kilometers simply by using this formula:

kilometers = miles × 1.609344

Where, 1 mile = 1.609344

You can round the value to 1.6 to reduce your memory load.

Now you know how to convert miles to kilometers, you might be interested in how other measurement units relate to others. Use Caculatorful to learn more about Kilometers to mileYards to feet

Example 1: How many km Makes 1 miles?

There are 1.609344 kilometers in a mile.

Example 1: How do you convert miles to kilometers easily?

Convert miles to kilometers by multiplying the number of miles by 1.6, since there are 1.6 kilometers in a mile. So, 20 miles is 32 kilometers because 20 x 1.6 = 32 kilometers. If you need a more accurate number, multiply by 1.60934 instead.

Miles To Kilometers (Mi to km) Conversion Table

miles (m)kilometers  (km)miles (m) to kilometers  (km)
1 miles1,60934 kilometers 1 miles is equal to 1,60934 kilometers 
2 miles3,21868 kilometers 2 miles is equal to 3,21868 kilometers 
3 miles4,82802 kilometers 3 miles is equal to 4,82802 kilometers 
4 miles6,43736 kilometers 4 miles is equal to 6,43736 kilometers 
5 miles8,0467 kilometers 5 miles is equal to 8,0467 kilometers 
6 miles9,65604 kilometers 6 miles is equal to 9,65604 kilometers 
7 miles11,26538 kilometers 7 miles is equal to 11,26538 kilometers 
8 miles12,87472 kilometers 8 miles is equal to 12,87472 kilometers 
9 miles14,48406 kilometers 9 miles is equal to 14,48406 kilometers 
10 miles16,0934 kilometers 10 miles is equal to 16,0934 kilometers 
11 miles17,70274 kilometers 11 miles is equal to 17,70274 kilometers 
12 miles19,31208 kilometers 12 miles is equal to 19,31208 kilometers 
13 miles20,92142 kilometers 13 miles is equal to 20,92142 kilometers 
14 miles22,53076 kilometers 14 miles is equal to 22,53076 kilometers 
15 miles24,1401 kilometers 15 miles is equal to 24,1401 kilometers 
16 miles25,74944 kilometers 16 miles is equal to 25,74944 kilometers 
17 miles27,35878 kilometers 17 miles is equal to 27,35878 kilometers 
18 miles28,96812 kilometers 18 miles is equal to 28,96812 kilometers 
19 miles30,57746 kilometers 19 miles is equal to 30,57746 kilometers 
20 miles32,1868 kilometers 20 miles is equal to 32,1868 kilometers 
21 miles33,79614 kilometers 21 miles is equal to 33,79614 kilometers 
22 miles35,40548 kilometers 22 miles is equal to 35,40548 kilometers 
23 miles37,01482 kilometers 23 miles is equal to 37,01482 kilometers 
24 miles38,62416 kilometers 24 miles is equal to 38,62416 kilometers 
25 miles40,2335 kilometers 25 miles is equal to 40,2335 kilometers 
26 miles41,84284 kilometers 26 miles is equal to 41,84284 kilometers 
27 miles43,45218 kilometers 27 miles is equal to 43,45218 kilometers 
28 miles45,06152 kilometers 28 miles is equal to 45,06152 kilometers 
29 miles46,67086 kilometers 29 miles is equal to 46,67086 kilometers 
30 miles48,2802 kilometers 30 miles is equal to 48,2802 kilometers 
31 miles49,88954 kilometers 31 miles is equal to 49,88954 kilometers 
32 miles51,49888 kilometers 32 miles is equal to 51,49888 kilometers 
33 miles53,10822 kilometers 33 miles is equal to 53,10822 kilometers 
34 miles54,71756 kilometers 34 miles is equal to 54,71756 kilometers 
35 miles56,3269 kilometers 35 miles is equal to 56,3269 kilometers 
36 miles57,93624 kilometers 36 miles is equal to 57,93624 kilometers 
37 miles59,54558 kilometers 37 miles is equal to 59,54558 kilometers 
38 miles61,15492 kilometers 38 miles is equal to 61,15492 kilometers 
39 miles62,76426 kilometers 39 miles is equal to 62,76426 kilometers 
40 miles64,3736 kilometers 40 miles is equal to 64,3736 kilometers 
41 miles65,98294 kilometers 41 miles is equal to 65,98294 kilometers 
42 miles67,59228 kilometers 42 miles is equal to 67,59228 kilometers 
43 miles69,20162 kilometers 43 miles is equal to 69,20162 kilometers 
44 miles70,81096 kilometers 44 miles is equal to 70,81096 kilometers 
45 miles72,4203 kilometers 45 miles is equal to 72,4203 kilometers 
46 miles74,02964 kilometers 46 miles is equal to 74,02964 kilometers 
47 miles75,63898 kilometers 47 miles is equal to 75,63898 kilometers 
48 miles77,24832 kilometers 48 miles is equal to 77,24832 kilometers 
49 miles78,85766 kilometers 49 miles is equal to 78,85766 kilometers 
50 miles80,467 kilometers 50 miles is equal to 80,467 kilometers 
51 miles82,07634 kilometers 51 miles is equal to 82,07634 kilometers 
52 miles83,68568 kilometers 52 miles is equal to 83,68568 kilometers 
53 miles85,29502 kilometers 53 miles is equal to 85,29502 kilometers 
54 miles86,90436 kilometers 54 miles is equal to 86,90436 kilometers 
55 miles88,5137 kilometers 55 miles is equal to 88,5137 kilometers 
56 miles90,12304 kilometers 56 miles is equal to 90,12304 kilometers 
57 miles91,73238 kilometers 57 miles is equal to 91,73238 kilometers 
58 miles93,34172 kilometers 58 miles is equal to 93,34172 kilometers 
59 miles94,95106 kilometers 59 miles is equal to 94,95106 kilometers 
60 miles96,5604 kilometers 60 miles is equal to 96,5604 kilometers 
61 miles98,16974 kilometers 61 miles is equal to 98,16974 kilometers 
62 miles99,77908 kilometers 62 miles is equal to 99,77908 kilometers 
63 miles101,38842 kilometers 63 miles is equal to 101,38842 kilometers 
64 miles102,99776 kilometers 64 miles is equal to 102,99776 kilometers 
65 miles104,6071 kilometers 65 miles is equal to 104,6071 kilometers 
66 miles106,21644 kilometers 66 miles is equal to 106,21644 kilometers 
67 miles107,82578 kilometers 67 miles is equal to 107,82578 kilometers 
68 miles109,43512 kilometers 68 miles is equal to 109,43512 kilometers 
69 miles111,04446 kilometers 69 miles is equal to 111,04446 kilometers 
70 miles112,6538 kilometers 70 miles is equal to 112,6538 kilometers 
71 miles114,26314 kilometers 71 miles is equal to 114,26314 kilometers 
72 miles115,87248 kilometers 72 miles is equal to 115,87248 kilometers 
73 miles117,48182 kilometers 73 miles is equal to 117,48182 kilometers 
74 miles119,09116 kilometers 74 miles is equal to 119,09116 kilometers 
75 miles120,7005 kilometers 75 miles is equal to 120,7005 kilometers 
76 miles122,30984 kilometers 76 miles is equal to 122,30984 kilometers 
77 miles123,91918 kilometers 77 miles is equal to 123,91918 kilometers 
78 miles125,52852 kilometers 78 miles is equal to 125,52852 kilometers 
79 miles127,13786 kilometers 79 miles is equal to 127,13786 kilometers 
80 miles128,7472 kilometers 80 miles is equal to 128,7472 kilometers 
81 miles130,35654 kilometers 81 miles is equal to 130,35654 kilometers 
82 miles131,96588 kilometers 82 miles is equal to 131,96588 kilometers 
83 miles133,57522 kilometers 83 miles is equal to 133,57522 kilometers 
84 miles135,18456 kilometers 84 miles is equal to 135,18456 kilometers 
85 miles136,7939 kilometers 85 miles is equal to 136,7939 kilometers 
86 miles138,40324 kilometers 86 miles is equal to 138,40324 kilometers 
87 miles140,01258 kilometers 87 miles is equal to 140,01258 kilometers 
88 miles141,62192 kilometers 88 miles is equal to 141,62192 kilometers 
89 miles143,23126 kilometers 89 miles is equal to 143,23126 kilometers 
90 miles144,8406 kilometers 90 miles is equal to 144,8406 kilometers 
91 miles146,44994 kilometers 91 miles is equal to 146,44994 kilometers 
92 miles148,05928 kilometers 92 miles is equal to 148,05928 kilometers 
93 miles149,66862 kilometers 93 miles is equal to 149,66862 kilometers 
94 miles151,27796 kilometers 94 miles is equal to 151,27796 kilometers 
95 miles152,8873 kilometers 95 miles is equal to 152,8873 kilometers 
96 miles154,49664 kilometers 96 miles is equal to 154,49664 kilometers 
97 miles156,10598 kilometers 97 miles is equal to 156,10598 kilometers 
98 miles157,71532 kilometers 98 miles is equal to 157,71532 kilometers 
99 miles159,32466 kilometers 99 miles is equal to 159,32466 kilometers 
100 miles160,934 kilometers 100 miles is equal to 160,934 kilometers 


How many kilometers in a mile?

One mile equals 1.609344 km

Is 1 km the same as 1 mile?

No, 1 km equals 0.621371 mi

Which one is correct, kilometers or kilometres?

Both are correct. “Kilometer” is used in American English, while “kilometre” is spelled in British English

Which countries use miles?

The mile is mainly used in English-speaking countries, especially the USA. 

When was mile invented?

It originates from the Roman mille passus, which means “thousand paces”, and equaled 5,000 Roman feet. Undergoing a long period of development, the mile we use today is also called the international mile or statute mile and equals 1.609344 km.


In this article, we have shown you how to convert mile to km and how many kilometers in a mile. We also provide the tool for you to easily convert from convert mile to km which is very useful for length conversion. 




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