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Mar 22, 2023 10:20 PM

Calculatorful's Miles To Yards (mi to yd) calculator allows converting miles to yards easily and conveniently. You could also find useful infos in our article about how many yards in a mile, how to convert miles to yards, and mile to yard conversion formula.

How to use Calculatorful's miles to yards converter?

With Calculatorful's miles to yards converter, you only have to do is to input the value of the distance in miles. That's all! Then you can see the result display automatically in the yd box below as in this photo

Miles to Yards converter_Calculatorful

It's very simple, isn't it?

Now when you have the answer you want, let's explore a bit more about the two units of length or distance, miles and yards.

What do the mile and the yard measure?

The mile is a unit of distance in the US customary system or the Imperial system, equal to 1,760 yards or 1.6 kilometers. The mile can be abbreviated as "mi", "M", "ml", and "m". To avoid confusion with metric units of the meter (m) and millimeter (ml), “mi” is recommended. Together with kilometers, the mile is a common unit used to show the distances between places and it is widely used in English-speaking countries such as the USA. 

The yard is a unit of length in the US customary and Imperial systems, equal to 3 feet or 36 inches. One international yard is slightly smaller than 1 meter, or exactly 0.9144 meter. The yard can be abbreviated as yd. Some examples of things that are about 1 yard include a golf club, common US door width, or a yardstick.

Where do the mile and the yard as a measurement unit come from?

Originally, the term “mile” comes from a Roman word “mille passuum”, which means a thousand paces. However, with the development of length measurement, the mile we often mention today is the international mile or statute mile, which has been standardized to reach an agreement worldwide. 

Concerning yard, the term yard originates from the Old English word “gerd,” for a straight branch or measuring rob, but it’s still uncertain about the exact origin of the yard as a measurement. There is one theory that the yard was based on the breadth of the chest of the Saxon race, while some said that Henry I of England declared that a yard would be the distance from his nose to his fingertip with the outstretched arm. With the introduction of meter, the yard was legally defined as 0.9144 meter. 

How many yards in a mile?

 If you look at the screenshot in the first session, how to use Calculatorful's yards to miles converter, you can see that there are 1,760 yards in a mile.

How to convert miles to yards manually?

Since there are 1,760 yards in a mile, to convert miles to yards, you can multiply the value of distance in miles by 1,760, which can be formulated as follows:

yards = miles × 1,760

For example, you want to know how many yards are in 1.5 miles. Then you multiply 1.5 by 1,760.

Yards = (1.5 x 1760) yd = 2640 yd

So, there are 2640 yards in 1.5 miles. However, for a large number of conversions, a miles to yards converter like Calculatorful's converter is recommended.

You may also find some similar easy-to-use converters on Calculatorful such as Miles To Kilometers, Miles To Feet, Miles To Meters, and Yards to Feet.

Miles to yards Conversion Table

Miles Yards
0.001 mi 1.76 yd
0.002 mi 3.52 yd
0.003 mi 5.28 yd
0.004 mi 7.04 yd
0.005 mi 8.8 yd
0.006 mi 10.56 yd
0.007 mi 12.32 yd
0.008 mi 14.08 yd
0.009 mi 15.84 yd
0.01 mi 17.6 yd
0.02 mi 35.2 yd
0.03 mi 52.8 yd
0.04 mi 70.4 yd
0.05 mi 88 yd
0.06 mi 105.6 yd
0.07 mi 123.2 yd
0.08 mi 140.8 yd
0.09 mi 158.4 yd
0.1 mi 176 yd
0.2 mi 352 yd
0.3 mi 528 yd
0.4 mi 704 yd
0.5 mi 880 yd
0.6 mi 1,056 yd
0.7 mi 1,232 yd
0.8 mi 1,408 yd
0.9 mi 1,584 yd
1 mi 1,760 yd


Is 1 yard the same as 1 foot?

Both are units of length measurement, but the yard is bigger than the foot (feet). One yard equals 3 feet.

Why is a nautical mile longer than a mile?

A nautical mile is used to measure the distance on the sea, and it's defined in accordance with the longitude and the latitude of the earth, exactly 1/60th of a degree of latitude.

When was mile invented?

The answer is in Roman times. The mile originates from the Roman mille passus, which means “thousand paces”, and equaled 5,000 Roman feet. Undergoing a long period of development, the mile we use today is also called the international mile or statute mile and equals 1.609344 km.


Calculatorful's miles to yards converter is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can help you convert miles to yards quickly. You also can find further information about the mile and the yard in the article. 




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