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Mar 16, 2023 7:01 AM

The Calculatorful's pounds to grams converter mentioned in the below article is a free and useful tool if you are searching for some ways to convert lb to g because those pound units in the book are so confusing to you, someone who has used grams for the whole life. 

How gram is defined?

Gram, also gramme, symbol “g”, is a unit of mass or weight in the metric system. Originally one gram was defined as equal to the mass of one cubic centimeter of pure water at 4 °C (39.2 °F) or a milliliter of pure water. Gram used to be a fundamental unit of mass together with centimeters and seconds. In 1960, kilogram officially replaced gram as a base unit, and gram is now defined as one thousandth (1/1000 of a kilogram). Gram, however, is still widely used to indicate the weight of ingredients in food or cooking recipes. It is even found on labels of products from the USA, where the imperial system is adopted. To make it easier to imagine how heavy a gram is, you can think of the weight of a paperclip.

Where does the pound come from?

Pound, or avoirdupois pound (standard symbols: lb), is a unit of mass or weight in the UK imperial systems or the US customary systems of measurement. One pound equals 0.45359237 kilograms as legally defined in the international avoirdupois system or 16 avoirdupois ounces. The term “pound” is derived from the Roman expression libra pondo, in which pondo means weight and libra (scale or balance) is a mass unit used in ancient Rome. That’s why the pound is abbreviated as lb. Nowadays, pound as a unit of mass is commonly used in the United States and countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

How to convert Pounds to Grams?

Of course, as mentioned earlier,  Calculatorful's pounds to grams converter is a great resource. You can get what you want without any wait by keying the value in pounds and immediately you can get the result in grams. You can try out our converter right now which you can find on your right, or you can wait a bit later and find out another way to convert the two units.

As we know, 1 lb = 453.592 g , then to convert pounds to grams, we can use the following formula:

grams = pounds×453.592

Now you know how to convert pounds to grams, you might be interested in how other measurement units relate to others. Explore more by using Calculatorful: Grams to pounds | Grams to ounces

Lb to g Conversion Table

Pound [lb]

Gram [g]

0.1 lb

45.3592 g

0.2 lb

90.7184 g

0.3 lb

136.0776 g

0.4 lb

181.4368 g

0.5 lb

226.796 g

0.6 lb

272.1552 g

0.7 lb

317.5144 g

0.8 lb

362.8736 g

0.9 lb

408.2328 g

1 lb

453.592 g

1.1 lb

498.9512 g

1.2 lb

544.3104 g

1.3 lb

589.6696 g

1.4 lb

635.0288 g

1.5 lb

680.388 g

1.6 lb

725.7472 g

1.7 lb

771.1064 g

1.8 lb

816.4656 g

1.9 lb

861.8248 g

2 lb

907.184 g

2.1 lb

952.5432 g

2.2 lb

997.9024 g

2.3 lb

1043.2616 g

2.4 lb

1088.6208 g

2.5 lb

1133.98 g

2.6 lb

1179.3392 g

2.7 lb

1224.6984 g

2.8 lb

1270.0576 g

2.9 lb

1315.4168 g

3 lb

1360.776 g

3.1 lb

1406.1352 g

3.2 lb

1451.4944 g

3.3 lb

1496.8536 g

3.4 lb

1542.2128 g

3.5 lb

1587.572 g

3.6 lb

1632.9312 g

3.7 lb

1678.2904 g

3.8 lb

1723.6496 g

3.9 lb

1769.0088 g

4 lb

1814.368 g


Which countries use the gram?

Since the gram is a unit in the metric system which is adopted worldwide. That's why the gram is used widely in sciences and in many countries except for the USA and some English-speaking countries.

How can I measure one gram at home when cooking?

You can use a tablespoon or a teaspoon, but how much of a tablespoon or a teaspoon depends on the ingredient that you want to measure. Take water as an example. 1 gram equals 1 tablespoon of 15 ml, so you can take one tbsp of water. You can find some related converters here, Tablespoons To Cups, Cups To Grams.

How many pounds are there in a gram?

As can be seen in the conversion table, 1 g equals 0.002205 lb.


In this article, you can find some information about pounds and grams and how to convert pounds to grams. This converter is especially useful for people who often use grams but have no idea of pounds.




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